man night jan 18

We’re challenging the men in our church to rise above what’s “common” and become “uncommen” in 2019. What does this mean exactly? We’ll be sharing all the details at our first Man Night on Friday night, January 18th at 7pm.

At this dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other men and hear our vision to see men become disciple-makers as they live, work, and play. Then, you can decide how/if you’d like to be involved. This is open to all guys that are at least juniors in high school.

We hope you’ll make plans to join us at this first man night because we believe it’ll be the best investment of $7 you can make as 2019 begins! RSVP for dinner below.

($7) Dinner will be a manly meal featuring meat, sides, and dessert.

How many for the dinner?