The Grove values taking responsibility for our community, so on Sunday, MARCH 31st, we’re uniquely focusing our efforts on serving our city and community rather than doing Sunday as normal. We’ll have a brief, modified service from 10:30-11:15, and then, we’ll be heading out into the community and city to serve others. Read below to find out more about our pre-planned opportunities, and then RSVP to do your part in helping us be a church that exists FOR THE CITY and FOR GOD’S GLORY!

How long will the projects last?

We’ll leave from the church building at 11:15 to go to each location. Projects will last about two hours plus cleanup, so each team should wrap up around 2:30. If you need to leave early, then just coordinate that with the team leader so they can plan appropriately.

Which project is kid-friendly?

Both projects could be kid-friendly depending on the kid, but the “Western Heights Fun Day” will give kids a chance to hang out and play with other kids. As a parent, you know your kid best, so just give it some thought. We believe this can be a great opportunity for families to serve together.

What about lunch?

Pizza will be provided for the volunteers at the Adrian Burnett. With the Western Heights Fun Day, volunteers are welcome to eat the lunch we will be serving in connection with the project.

Adrian Burnett Elementary Spring Work Day

For the past 18 months, we’ve been serving the staff and families of the school in various ways. On this day, we’ll be cleaning and freshening up the school property by landscaping, painting, pressure washing etc. While we may not have direct interaction with families and/or staff on this day, these acts of service still go a long way in showing the school community that we, and most importantly God, cares about them.

Western Heights/Inner City Fun Day

As we did last spring, we’ll be loving on this community by grilling out food, playing games, making crafts, and interacting with all the people. There will be various ways for you to get involved regardless of your personality and skills, so come ready to serve, bless, and show the love of Jesus in a practical way. Our prayer is that God may even lead you to serve more often in this community outside of our For The City Sundays.

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ABES Spring Work DayWestern Heights Family Fun Day