2017 Christmas Offering

Christmas is the season of giving as we reflect on the gift of Jesus that was given to us. We can never repay Jesus for all that He has given to us, but our response toward Him should be one that overflows with generosity for others. The Grove Church is being challenged this December to pray and seek God’s direction for a sacrificial gift (above what you normally give). We are excited about how God will take and multiply this offering.

How will this offering be used?

We will be using this offering in two different ways.

  1. 50% of the offering will help us jumpstart our vision for 2018. We are planning in faith that God will lead us further into the community in 2018 to make a greater impact for His Kingdom. We’ll be sharing specifics of this vision as we roll into January 2018.
  2. The other 50% of the offering will be split evenly among three different ministries/organizations that we believe are making an impact on others.
    • One organization is Adrian Burnett Elementary. Our church adopted the school back in August, so this is just another way we can be a blessing and source of support to them. For more info about our partnership with Adrian Burnett Elementary you can click HERE.
    • The other two ministries have come in contact with our church through our network of like-minded churches here in Knoxville. Here’s more info about them.
      • Focus Ministry: Focus actively works in both local jails and prisons to meet inmates where they are and help them find a new beginning with Christ. As relationships are formed, Focus also works to help inmates transition people back into everyday life through an intentional process that gives them a foundation for success both in life and with God.
      • Campus Crusade for Christ at UT: Their new leader, Ben Porteroff, is raising funds to finalize his family’s transition from Louisville, KY to Knoxville where he is looking to multiply disciples on the campus of UT. Ben is responsible for raising 100% of his own salary.

When can I give?

You can give at any of the following services using the Christmas Offering envelopes that are available. Please give your Christmas offering on Sunday, December 17, Saturday, December 23, or Sunday, December 31st.

Should I just give toward this offering instead of the normal offering?

We are urging people to give toward the Christmas offering with a sacrificial gift. In other words, we still count on your faithful and regular giving in the month of December to continue doing our normal ministry plans. We know God will give wisdom and faith about how you make a sacrifice this December to give sacrificially in addition to your regular monthly giving.

Can I give online?

Yes, you can give online using the “Give” tab in the menu, but just be sure you designate your gift for the “Christmas Offering.”