What’s the Win for the Eve Eve Services?

We're just days away from our Eve Eve Services. I can't wait to see how God is going to move and for us to experience what He has in store. With great anticipation toward this service, I think it's important to take a moment and ask, "What is the win for the Eve Eve Services?" [...]

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Let It Snow… Well It Did

This past Sunday, it snowed, and snowed quite a bit for us East Tennesseans. However, as fast as the snow fell, it melted maybe even faster. The snowflakes were massive, but the white beauty that surrounded us quickly turned into a slushy, slippery mess. While I enjoyed the snow, I also couldn't help but think [...]

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What Does God Want For Christmas?

As I'm writing this post, we are 20 days away from Christmas. Chances are you already have ideas in mind for what you are going to buy the people in your life (if you haven't bought them already), what Christmas parties you will be attending, and how you will spend the holiday with your family. [...]

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December With The Grove

Where did 2018 go? It's hard to believe Christmas season is here yet again. As we swing into the holiday spirit, we're going to have a little fun as we celebrate Jesus and Christmas this December with our "Ugly Sweater Kind of Christmas" theme. At the same time, we're going to be challenged to discover this [...]

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A Challenge For Your Busyness

Busy. A four letter word that seems to describe so many people. "Busy" seems to be the answer I hear most often when I ask, "How are you doing?" At the same time, I find myself using this word to describe my own life rhythm. While it's true that we are all busy, there's a [...]

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If You Struggle To Trust, Then This Is For You

We've all probably went through those seasons where someone we assumed we could trust let us down which revealed trust wasn't properly established. Hesitancy to ever trust again easily emerges from situations like this, and it can even impact how we trust God as we go through the things we are going through. I don't [...]

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Let’s Talk About Halloween

Trick? Treat? Neither? Costumes? Ahhhh, what to do with Halloween? Christians have various opinions on how they should handle this day... Some see it as nothing more than something lighthearted and simple where kids wear fun costumes and get enough candy to make Willy Wonka jealous. Others, however, may see the signs of death, evil, [...]

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When The Bible Gets Boring

As we go through life, whether we realize it or not, we anticipate and even create assumed outcomes for various situations. This creeps into many areas of our lives, and I was caught by surprise awhile back when I realized I had lost a healthy sense of anticipation toward a specific thing. I'm going to [...]

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Not As I Expected

About 9 years ago, we felt God calling us away from a church family that we really enjoyed to pursue His calling for us to plant a new church. I had my vision of how it would go and the success we would have. To be honest though, it didn't really turn out anything like I expected. [...]

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Could Unity Be Unhealthy?

Unity is one of those characteristics that we tend to think of in a positive light. When a group of people are unified, there's a clear sense of everyone pulling in the same direction. People are able to better identify attitudes, behaviors, or ideas that don't fit within their unified direction. Sports teams that are [...]

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