One Step That Can Reshape Your Life

You've tossed and turned all night. Your mind is restless from the endless to-do list you have waiting for you as soon as your feet hit the floor. This doesn't even include the thoughts from the previous day that you can't seem to shake. You find yourself frustrated that you are frustrated by people and [...]

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3 Thoughts To Help You Enjoy This Christmas Season

Christmas.... This season can quickly stress you out and have you longing for the new year with all the gifts to buy, larger crowds to fight, more traffic, and parties to attend on top of just normal life stuff. You don't have to be stressed this season, but you most likely will if you don't [...]

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Don’t Miss The December Excitement

Thanksgiving has just passed us by, so most people already have their eyes focused on December 25th and everything leading up to that day. I want to make sure you know about all the exciting things that are happening with The Grove leading up to Christmas. December is going to be an amazing month! Sunday, December 3rd [...]

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Let’s Have Some Fun!

Just a few weeks ago, we ended a teaching series called "Speed Trap" where we discussed the importance of slowing down in a culture that's constantly telling us to go faster. In response to this, we're hosting a FREE family friendly event on Sunday night, Nov 12, that will hopefully give families a chance to [...]

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Religion is Easy

Have you ever really paid attention to some of the things Jesus said? I've often heard people say that if Jesus preached at many of our churches He would not be welcome to preach again. Yes, Jesus was all about love, forgiveness, justice, mercy, and grace, but He was also very direct when it came to [...]

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A Church That Welcomes Your Questions

Questions... We all have them. Sometimes we ask them. Sometimes we just keep them to ourselves. Perhaps we are afraid of the answer or tone that may come in the response, so we just stick to living in the realm of the unknown. As The Grove Church, we want to be a group of people [...]

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Exciting Things for The Grove

Fall is here... The coolness of the mornings, the warmth of the sun during the day, pumpkin flavored desserts and coffees... Now, if only the Vols could get their act together and win some football, right? Who knows if that will happen, but as for The Grove Church, we're moving forward into this fall season [...]

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You Can’t Slow Down, But You Can…

We all probably have those moments where life grabs our attention and causes us to realize how much has transpired over the last month, 6 months, year, 5 years, etc. These moments can be powerful if we will take time to let God show us what He wants us to see. Whether it's how much [...]

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Don’t Raise Your Kids “IN” Church

I'm sure that title has caught your attention, so you're probably thinking there's a catch to the title.... No, not really. Yes, I'm still new to this being a parent thing; I've only got about 8 years under my belt. I did spend about 10 years prior to becoming a parent leading in different student [...]

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Anyone Tired of Politics? Here’s Some Exciting News

If you've turned on the TV lately or looked at the news on social media, it's hard to miss all the political talk that's happening. Everyone seems to have an opinion on where our nation is headed and what needs to change. As you've also probably noticed, many people are convinced their opinion is clearly [...]

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