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Trent’s Upcoming Transition

Occasionally, God will allow our paths to cross with someone who is extremely humble, talented, and has an amazing heart for God and the church. For nearly two years, our church has been blessed to have Trent Berry as our worship leader. When Trent started with The Grove, he didn’t really have a band to [...]

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Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

When was the last time you woke up on the "wrong side of the bed?" Maybe today, yesterday, last week? I know when that happens to me everyone in my house can feel it. I'm easily irritated, snappy with everyone, and should probably just hit the reset button on the day and start over. However, [...]

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On Sunday, We Are Going To Talk About…

Through our current teaching series, we've been discussing how our culture and country are often divided on how people should respond to certain topics. With this in mind, our discussions have been leading us to consider a "third" approach/"third party" which is Jesus' call for us to live as His disciples/His church. This Sunday, as we [...]

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Do You Say These Things?

This past Sunday, we started a teaching series that's challenging us to live as Jesus wants even though our culture tries to push us in opposite directions. The pressure of the culture is intense, and sometimes without even realizing it, we become caught in the current of life that pulls us out into the depths of routine [...]

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Pigs That Can Fly?

I've never seen a pig fly, but occasionally, I'll use some unusual phrase like this when trying to prove a point to my kids or give them an answer in a sarcastic kind of way. At the same time, when I ask you if faith is something we should be able to see, you may [...]

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Good News For The Grove

This past Sunday, we celebrated the blessings God has given to our church so far in 2018. The first six months of this year have been so encouraging, and I can’t wait to see what else God has for us to experience this year. Also during this time, we shared some important information with you [...]

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Words Will Never Hurt You… Yeah Right

We've all been there before on one side or the other of the devastation that comes from words... Either you exploded and your tirade left people wandering what just happened or someone lost their cool and used their words on you to release all their built up tension. Words leave scars that cannot be removed. Yes, [...]

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God’s Dreams For You

Many of us have goals or dreams we want to achieve. Perhaps they are even godly, Spirit-led and Spirit-inspired goals. We have them for our personal lives, our families, and our churches. However, if we don't have a clear process with intentional steps of action that moves us from where we are to where we [...]

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Thank Goodness God Doesn’t Play Favorites

We all have things that we prefer over something else. For example, you may like chocolate, but your favorite is vanilla. I really like UT sports, but I'm a die hard Atlanta Braves fan. You may like summer, but perhaps your favorite season of the year is fall. This even carries over to people and [...]

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Worry or Ask for Wisdom

Worry can show up quick and lead us to focus on everything other than the joys of being a part of His Kingdom and asking God to overflow that joy through us. The enemy would love nothing more than to get our focus away from God's desire that His people know Him intimately and make Him known [...]

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